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A Little About Busy Ladies Cleaning Service

We’re committed to providing exceptional service to every customer, every day! Our staff is comprised of hard working men and women who strive for your satisfaction. Our principles and core beliefs include such virtues as honesty, hard work, and integrity. These are commitments that we bring to each customer we serve everytime we serve them.

Busy Ladies Cleaning Service was established in Lynnfield Ma in 1988 as a premier house cleaning service and has operated continuously since. In 2013 operations were moved to a more central location of Beverly Ma, becoming a member of the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce. In the same year Busy Ladies Cleaning Service acquired a smaller yet niche cleaning service based in Peabody Ma named America’s All Natural Cleaning Pro.

We have learned how to be a better house cleaning service by incorporating both conventional house cleaning solutions and all natural ones as well. Our clients reside in a wide array of communities. We have learned how to cater to needs of a diverse clientele. The best way to do so is listen. We have listened to everyone from Manchester by the sea to Stonham and are responding with a quality house cleaning team that can meet the needs of many clients without compromising our founding principles. Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work.

We operate primarily in the North Shore and Metro West areas of Boston. Serving communities from Manchester By The Sea to Stoneham Ma and everyone in between. As a result of our expansions over the years, we have been able to address many of the problems that plague a lot of cleaning services – a few of which are staffing, reliability and consistency. To address these common issues we are recruiting the areas best cleaners with industry high salaries, without having to pass on increased rates to our clients. Simply, we accept less company profit in trade for a better staff.

Our consistency has improved as we have developed our own product line of hand-made cleaning solutions. We also use some quality name brands – Myers, Magic Eraser non-ammonia glass cleaner, Murphys, Bona, Zep and Poly Care for floors. We have created proven systems and regiments that will keep your entire home or business clean without the need of seasonal deep cleanings.

We communicate openly with the needs of our clients and only hire personnel who can do so effectively. Our house cleaning company is dedicated to delivering upon our promise of providing the North Shore and Metro West area with fully equipped, friendly, efficient and reliable cleaners.

We will develop a cleaning and maintenance system for your business that will meet and surpass your expectations. Our cleaners have an eye for detail that has been developed from years of experience. As a company we have a proven track record in both residential and commercial markets. We would love to schedule a free consultation to visit your establishment and discuss your needs, pricing and details.

Interested in Learning More?

We’d love to hear from you to determine how we can tailor a service that best matches your needs and budget.