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Thank you for visiting our Codes of Ethics Page. The information described below will hopefully give you peace of mind, assuring you that Busy Ladies Cleaning Service is the right choice for you.

Overview of Our Approach

The purpose of this webpage is to show our staff, our clients and perspective clients that we adhere to a Code of Ethics that is vitally important to our business and is the heart behind our cleaning service. These policies are internally based, intended for our employees.

We value such virtues as honesty, integrity and hard work. We compensate our staff at the industry’s highest level and in return expect the industry’s highest level of service from our team. It takes special people to work in many homes throughout a week and remain positive, hard working and most importantly compassionate and aware of our client’s needs.

There is a goodness that we look for when hiring. It cannot be quantified by dollars or numbers of services completed. The select individuals that we strive to employ must posses genuine compassion and integrity. You may not be the fastest and most efficient cleaner, but if you posses a genuine heartfelt desire to serve – and find reward in that – we have a position available.

Below is a series of Codes that we must adhere to in order to be a proud and successful cleaning company.

Our Core Values

Hard Work

Code Of Conduct

While inside a clients home or business or on the road in the community all staff of Busy Ladies Cleaning Service is to be presentable in appearance and truly look for opportunities to help. Our main and only focus within a clients home or business is to clean. If an area appears to be already clean look into minor details that can be further cleaned. Occasionally there will be an exceptionally dirty space to clean. All staff is expected to treat the resident or home owner with decency and to uphold yourself with integrity. If the situation is too difficult to work in, you are not expected to do so, but rather to call the management office and advise the on duty manager of the situation. At which point we can make a plan of action and then implement it.

We are all human and experience the difficulties of life together, with that being said any staff member must leave their problems at the door before they enter someones home or business. If the problem is too great to let go of, our sympathy truly goes out to you but you can not bring them to work. Request a day off or as much time as you may need to handle the situation and return to work when possible with a positive attitude and desire to do a good job.

We do allow headphones to work with as we have found music can help motivate, but the volume must be low enough for you to communicate with fellow team members and should not be worn at all in the direct presence of our clients.

While on the road your day may start in Beverly and finish in Reading, during the in between times you are expected to remain on schedule. There will of course be time allotted for personal breaks and down time but the schedule is important. It is this schedule that enables us to complete several jobs on time in any given day.

Reliability is of the utmost importance to us, if your going to be late or if something has happened on your way to work or throughout the work day, you are expected to contact the management office and inform the on duty manager of any such delays with as much advance notice as possible. We all get sick and can understand that, you have the right to an occasional sick day but must give as much advance notice as possible. The day before would be best or at the worst case scenario several hours before your shift is scheduled to begin.

There is a zero tolerance policy for any non-prescribed controlled substance use. You must inform the management team of any prescribed medication as well. You will be working with equipment and around many delicate objects, many of which may be irreplaceable. Any mind altering substance may impair your judgement and affect your mobility and senses. We must be aware of these issues so we can make a proper plan of action and safety for you.

Hopefully not very often something may break. As we handle delicates and are working in changing environments there is a possibility for breakage. The first rule of thumb is, If you don’t feel comfortable handling something, simply don’t. Most clients will understand the fact that you were unable to clean something a lot more than the occurrence of a broken rare artifact or family heirloom. If something does break you must inform the client immediately and if their unavailable contact the management office immediately. There is a zero tolerance policy for leaving something broken behind without the proper chain of communication.

Most importantly carry yourself with integrity and decency use common sense and represent us well. You have something to be proud of and are good at what you do. Remain positive and willing to help another person. This philosophy in life will enable you to transcend your own problems and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Our Core Beliefs

Treating others the way you want to be treated

Provide exceptional service to every client every day

Do something that you and your family can be proud of

Do whats right especially when its difficult

Help those who can not help themselves

Continually strive to be the best you can be and empower someone else to do the same

Code Of Privacy – HIPAA Compliance

We serve numerous private homes and offices, occasionally you will be required to read, sign and adhere to a HIPAA compliance document as many of the areas we clean contain sensitive data and personal information. The general rule of thumb is to just clean and remain focused on the task at hand.

There is a zero tolerance policy for the removal of any documents, data or property from any location we serve aside from trash which must be disposed of immediately on site.

There is a zero tolerance policy for the taking of any un-authorized photographs of anything within or outside of a property we serve.

You may hear a conversation of sensitive nature. You must move throughout your cleaning routine as if it was never heard and never repeat these conversations to anyone. We are a guest in our clients homes and businesses. It is our ethical responsibility to protect their best interest.

We have been invited into the most intimate areas of our clients homes often beyond the points where family and friends are allowed. Consider this an honor and just do the best you can to clean these areas to our clients specifications or higher. Anything you see must be left behind mentally. As an associate for our cleaning service the idea of maintaining our clients privacy in all matters is of the utmost importance to us. Any violation at all will result in immediate disciplinary action, including the possibility of termination.

We operate in a variety of home environments from mansions in Marblehead and Hamilton Ma to apartments in Peabody and Saugus Ma to Dr’s offices in Beverly and Wakefield Ma. These policies are effective everywhere, In all cleaning scenarios and at all times.

Above all as an associate of Busy Ladies House Cleaning and Office Cleaning Service you have been entrusted to protect the clients we serve. Their privacy is of the utmost importance and the fact that we have been trusted to be privy to such data and information should be considered an honor and is something to be proud of.

Your privacy is of paramount concern to us. We feel honored to be invited into your homes and businesses. We consider it our ethical responsibility to serve your best interests and protect your privacy.
This is a small glimpse inside the nature of our house cleaning and office cleaning service. There is no possible way we could list every scenario but have highlighted the most important ones. We aim to provide you with not just a team that knows how to clean your home but one that is trusted and upholds themselves with integrity and respect. Our philosophy from the beginning has been to hire associates that have proven to be good people before talented cleaners and as it turns out good people make the most talented cleaners.

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