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The Story Behind Busy Ladies Cleaning Service

In 2009, owner and operator Michelle was diagnosed with a difficult to treat form of Muscular Sclerosis. Under her ownership, Michelle carried Busy Ladies Cleaning through an economic recession, upholding its founding principles of providing a quality cleaning company to the North Shore. The people we serve and the people that make this business possible have always been the priority. Michele consistently placed her beliefs and the people she served over profits.

Now I am proud to carry on her legacy. Both staff and clients continue to be well served. As a result, Busy Ladies Cleaning Service has undergone an expansion. We have re-invested in both equipment and staff.

What made Busy Ladies great before has made us even better now. We have implemented new systems to ensure continued quality and are recruiting the area’s best cleaners with industry-high salaries, all while keeping our rates lower than franchise house cleaning companies.

We are passionate about providing an excellent cleaning service with high values, integrity, and a true desire to help. That is the commitment we give to everyone – Clients, staff and vendors alike.

Kelly McKanus

~ Kelly M

Owner, Operator – Busy Ladies Cleaning Service

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