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Busy Ladies Cleaning Services


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Why Choose Busy Ladies Cleaning Services?

We serve the entire North Shore and areas north of Boston MA with energetic and experienced commercial cleaning teams dispatched daily and nightly from Peabody Ma. and Beverly Ma. Established in 1988 and operated by the same family for 2 decades we have learned how to serve your business well. Good Rates and a team that is friendly, efficient and reliable.

We serve both Commercial and Residential clients. Our cleaners often clean both. What makes us a better commercial cleaning company is the fact that there is generally a higher standard and level of specification involved in cleaning homes. The typical house cleaning visit is weekly or bi-weekly. We have to move fast to complete all of the work. We bring this detail oriented, customer service driven, fast paced cleaning service to our Commercial clients. Residential clients expect their cleaners to have an eye for detail that surpasses the general expectation for commercial cleaners. With our daily experience above the commercial standard we can offer your business exceptional cleaning services at rates that make sense . We can develop and execute a logical cleaning and maintenance plan for nearly every budget.

We offer free in person estimates, quotes and proposals at our clients convenience. We will give your home and business the results you want while operating within a budget.

BLC uses nontoxic, environment-friendly cleaning agents 

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